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"What You Absolutely Must Know, Before You Buy A House?"

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This ebook is a guide to help you acquire a more Feng Shui compliant house. You will find Feng Shui selection tips on the house, land and surrounding.

You will learn how to evaluate the energy of the land and identify favorable and unfavorable shapes and profiles.

You will learn about auspicious house design and orientation plus the surrounding features that support or do not support the house.

Finally there is a list of positive and negative features that you should look out for when buying a house.

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"Hi Henry, ur Feng Shui book is great and very helpful. thanx a lot."

- Raka Arora

"Your e-book is very helpful, informative and certainly a must use tool when purchasing a property. I recommend to everyone to read his e-book.

- Jessica George

"Your efforts to bring this ancient Chinese wisdom to the forefront of modern civilization is commendable. I wish you luck in all your endeavors."

- Mario Najm

"Thanks a lot for the e-book, it is very helpful and I definitely recommend my friend who intend to purchase a property to read it first before they make the purchase."

- HS Koh

"Thank you for your e-book which I have downloaded and read. It is a simple yet interesting book. I will surely introduce it to my friends."

- Irene Choo

"I am in the process of choosing a house design for my first house. Your Feng Shui book was very helpful."

- Andrew Keane

"Your e-book is simply great. It is easy to understand it makes me anxious to pursue more (Feng Shui) knowledge."

- Jake Chan

"I discovered Henry Fong's e-book on Feng Shui by chance when I surf the internet for basic material on Feng Shui to read. I am very grateful with Henry who willingly provides and shares  Feng Shui knowledge with beginner like me. A noble idea indeed."

- Lee CP

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